Quenching Your Thirst

There is a satisfaction in life that one strives for. They sometimes will do anything to have it, and then find themselves empty still. This is because they try to quench their thirst with “strange water” only to find that the water dries out like a drop of water falling on a desert road. The … More Quenching Your Thirst


Correction is something that we all find hard to swallow. If you know the heart of the one who is trying to help you through correction, you will see that it is through love that they do this. God wants to correct the body, he wants to correct the church so that the church may … More CORRECTION IS LOVE

Feelings Are Fragile

Many things in our lives hurt our feelings, and when something traumatic happens, not only are our feelings hurt, but we change as a person as well. Why is that? The broken place inside of us is ready to collapse at any moment, held up by pins and needles, longing to feel something special, something … More Feelings Are Fragile

You Matter

Sometimes, you feel less than because others make you feel that way.. Sometimes others is out of the equation and you are your worst critic… Either way, just know that you matter… God sees you, and you matter… Sometimes others paint a horrible picture of who you are… Sometimes, you yourself look in the mirror … More You Matter

One Life To Live

Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear in their ear. They hear the whispers but press forward anyway. We are to stand firm in the Word of God. “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you. Do not fear; I will help you.” … More One Life To Live

In The Silence

Sitting alone in your presence God. Waiting to hear what you want to say. Silencing the enemy, the noise around me, so I can hear you clearly. In the silence I feel you more, with no distractions I can hear you better.. speak to me. I’ve turned off the noise, Im tuning into you Jesus. … More In The Silence


Never trade what you don’t know for what you do know. Assumption is horrible when it’s used to judge others. Never assume that you know the thoughts, intentions, or motives of others. Discernment can be used wrongly if you base your decision on what you think. Discernment by definition means; perception in the absence of … More Discernment?


God loves you … Just because If you don’t have a child already, just imagine.. When a baby is born, you love them just because. If the baby were born out of bad circumstances, you can’t help but to love them anyway. They may be a reminder of suffering for some and for others what … More A JUST BECAUSE LOVE